Here is a selection of comments we have received from readers and contributors:

  • Just a quick note to thank you for the "celebrating boxes" book. Its certainly quite an inspirational book with a great scope of "box" art.
  • Congratulations, it is a beautiful book!
  • The book looks really great, thank you for including me and my work!!! Yesterday we got the book `Celebrating boxes«. We think it is very good.... congratulations !!!!
  • It is interesting to see what other box makers do. Some are absolutly crazy, some are wonderful. Thank you very much for such a lot of work.
  • What a pleasure to find awaiting my return from far climes your splendid book. Thanks very much; it is already a treasure. It is a wonderful testament to creative woodworking and is evidence that all is well in the world of current box-making craftsmanship. People will want it whether they are interested in making boxes or owning them, because it is a joy to read and view.
  • Yesterday I had the most wonderful book. The Celebrating Boxes-book! When teenagers in Denmark like something very much they just say: "Respect!" So here is all my "respect!" to the two of you.
  • It is an inspiration to me and I'm sure it will remain an important stimulus until I am in my box. Thank you for the book - it is beautiful. I am surprised how many people make such things in such high quality. Also quality of pictures is very high. ... what a fabulous book we just received our copy today!.
  • We received the Celebrating Boxes book yesterday. The book is beautifully made and with a lot of care


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